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Meet Our Team

Patrick O'Neill


CEO, Timmit Equine

Patrick O'Neill brings two decades of knowledge and experience to Timmit Equine Quarantine.

O'Neill began his foray into the horse show industry in the early 1990s, when he worked a myriad of roles for Stadium Jumping, who at the time produced some of the sport's major events.

In 1997, O'Neill took over the management of the very lucrative Gold Coast Feed store full-time for SJI before being promoted to Facility Manager of the Palm Beach Polo and Equestrian Club in 2001, now known as Wellington International—home to the famed Winter Equestrian Festival (WEF). During this time, O'Neill was responsible for running the daily operations of the show grounds, which included managing anywhere from 10-100 employees, consistently maintaining the jumping surfaces of eight show rings and countless schooling areas, and overseeing all improvement projects.

In 2007, O'Neill assumed the role of property manager at a private farm. He launched Timmit Equine Quarantine in 2022 alongside his wife, Cassandra Armento-O'Neill.

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Cassandra Armento-O'Neill

Manager, Timmit Equine

Cassandra is one of the equestrian industry's most well-known entrepreneurs. A longtime competitive rider, Cassandra spends her time out of the saddle as both a practicing lawyer and the founder of Anonymous Coffee, one of the horse show's most recognizable mobile coffee shops. Together with her husband Patrick O'Neill, Cassandra founded Timmit Equine Quarantine to offer a concierge-type facility for mares requiring CEM Quarantine that, while in the Wellington area, also provides a serene safe haven away from the more chaotic atmosphere near the show grounds. 

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